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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one."

Mother Teresa

What makes The Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield unique is that all of our programs and services are provided by volunteers. There is very little cost beyond our volunteer management and basic office expenses. Our drivers use their own vehicles with no reimbursement for gas or tolls. No teachers or lecturers receive any remuneration. Yet, our modest operating expenses make the work of the Center possible.

The Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield is the only organization in the community that provides free, accompanied, transportation to medical appointments and grocery shopping for seniors.

Each year, we employ two part-time staff members who manage the running of the Center and the work of almost 300 volunteers. We are blessed to have our office space generously donated by Lucy Corr Village which helps with our associated expenses. We have enrolled over 648 individuals, provided over 1,884 drives, and offered 75 classes.

Many foundations are reluctant to give grants solely for operating expenses. This is an ongoing challenge for us. Our business model is so efficient and effective that operating funds are all we need. For this reason, we rely on the support of individuals like you. Since 2001, The Shepherd's Center has been a leader in central Virginia in the field of aging. We continue to make a significant impact. We invite you to participate with us through your support.

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Why Donate To SCC

When you become a supporter of The Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield:

  • You make it possible for an older person to have caring, compassionate, reliable transportation to medical appointments.
  • You directly help someone here in our community to have access to healthy, nutritious food.
  • You relieve the burden of loneliness and isolation.
  • You support and encourage the volunteers who provide these services.
  • You become a leader in the community – one who feels passionately that a person's humanity, dignity, and worth will never decline with age.

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Your Estate Planning

Have you reviewed your long-range financial and estate plans recently? Your will, living trust, retirement plans and other gift and estate planning vehicles can provide an opportunity to support your favorite charitable interests. If you would be interested in making a gift of ongoing significance, these ideas may interest you.

  • A gift included in your will or living trust is one way to establish a lasting legacy.
  • A gift of retirement assets, such as pension plans or IRAs, may allow you to give more than you thought possible, while eliminating taxes that may otherwise largely consume these assets.
  • Consider gifts of life insurance. Gifting policies or proceeds you may no longer need offer excellent tax benefits.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and support in helping The Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield enrich the lives of adults 60 and over by providing opportunities for inter-faith community service, lifelong learning and assistance in maintaining an independent lifestyle. Please contact Susan McCammon at (804) 706-9198 if you are interested in these ideas.

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Memorial or honor contributions offer many ways to recognize people who are special to you. Memorial gifts benefit the community by making a meaningful difference in memory of someone special. Honor gifts can express thanks and appreciation, extend congratulations or convey messages of best wishes. When you make a memorial or honor gift, The Shepherd's Center will notify the family or individual of your thoughtfulness if you include their contact information with your gift.

Easy Ways to Support the Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield

Give when you shop or when you want to remove an unused car from your yard. These are all ways you can donate to the support of the Shepherd's Center.


When you shop at Amazon Smile,  you will find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield. When you go to Amazon Smile for the first time, you can select Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield as your charity of choice. Visit Amazon Smile site now.


When you shop at Kroger, a small donation will be made to the Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield. When you register,  use the NPO number: 89513 so that the Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield will receive a donation from your purchases. Visit the Kroger Rewards Program site now.


When you sign up to have your debit or credit card linked to this program so any purchases made on that card will be rounded up to the nearest dollar with the change donated to the Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield. Visit CaringCent site now.


Donate any unwanted vehicle to C.A.R.S. Choose the Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield as your Non-Profit. The Vehicle will be picked up at no cost to you and you will receive a statement for your taxes once the vehicle has been sold. Proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will benefit the Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield. Visit the C.A.R.S. site now.

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